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CD MK 0706 - 2 131, DDD, TT 68:33 Popular Classics
Bedrich Smetana - Piano Music

Trois Polka de Salon Op. 7 / Polka E Major, Bagatelly a Impromptus / Innocence, An Idyll, Love, Discord
Trois polka poetiques Op. 8 / Polka G Minor
Souvenir de Boheme en forme de Polkas, Op.13 / Polka E-flat Major
Skizzen Op. 5 / A Friendly Landscape
Reves / Bygone Happiness
Czech Dances II / Dupak, Skocna
Souvenir de Boheme en forme de Polkas, Op.12 / Polka E Minor
Sonata Movement in E Minor
Bettina polka
Skizzen Op. 4 / An Idyll
Skizzen Op. 5 / Rhapsody
Triumph-Symphony in E Major / Scherzo

Ales Barta, Hanus Barton, Petr Jirikovsky, Jaromir Klepac, Jana Macharackova, Michal Rezek, Adam Skoumal, Daniel Wiesner - piano

CD MK 0054 - 2 131, DDD, TT 61:32 Bedrich Smetana (1824 - 1884)

Skizzen, Reves
Bagatelly a impromptus
Crty (Skizzen) op. 4,5
Sny (Reves)

Petr Jirikovsky - piano

The cycle entitled Bagatelles and Impromptus was written in the stately home Bonrepos near Mladá Boleslav, where Smetana was a music teacher in Count Leopold Thun's family. The little compositions express the intimate feelings of the then twenty-year-old youth in love, for which the romantic characteristic piano pieces in fact more than offered themselves. The object of his love was his would-be first wife, Katharina Kolar, whose name Smetana repeated on the first and last pages several times. The compositions listed as opus numbers 4 and 5 and entitled Sketches were first published with the German title Skizzen, in two notebooks by the Prague publisher Robert Veit and with a dedication to Clara Schumann. Thus they had already been listed in Smetana's own inventory of compositions dated 1875. His more mature stage gave birth to the cycle.
Reves (Dreams), in which, after the virtuoso piano compositions of his Swedish stage, Smetana comes back to the romantic characteristic piece. The cycle was written in the summer of 1875 in Jabkenice.The Reves cycle belongs among the first compositions written at the time of Smetana's deafness. ... (from booklet text)

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